Classic Summer Games

Classic Summer Games from long before technology came and took over, were simple games that ensured that everyone was outside playing and catching some sun. There were games for the elderly, adults, teens and kids alike. Many family groups would organise games that would include every age group within that family unit. Also, the simple neighbourhood competitions, Sports Day’s at schools and even at work, between different departments were really popular and anticipated. Nowadays, most people sit inside and play games on their computers instead. Videogames, and casino games such as those you find at have grown to be more popular than the traditional summer games.

Somebody, please bring back the good old days of old. All these games were good natured and a way to exercise, but most importantly to socialise. The most popular Summer Games are badminton, basketball, cricket, swimming, volleyball and Beach volleyball just to name a few. Before you despair and think that those days are gone. There is good news, all these games and many more are still alive and kicking. They have found a home in The NatWest Island Games. This is the place where these awesome timeless games come to life.

Classic Summer Games by Natwest

Natwest Classic Summer Games – Sports

Sports is timeless and goes beyond borders. these games bring together athletes from diverse backgrounds, helping bridge gaps between cultures and, in this case, islands. The Natwest Island Games brings together athletes from different islands to compete at an international level. Enhancing relations between peoples and countries in the process. The Natwest Island Games are a place for the islander athlete to flourish, compete and grow.The Natwest Classic summer games are a major event on the sporting calendar and attract seasoned athletes from all over the world. The competition gives athletes the opportunity to compete at an international level, in a world-class manner. Flanked with stunning opening and closing ceremonies, the games are a must-compete for athletes.

Sports on an Island

Islands offer beautifully stunning sights and perks; but for the Islanders, they can also bring about particular disadvantages. With the Natwest classic summer games focused on islands, these pieces of heaven and their talented athletes are given the attention they so deserve. Whether as an athlete or as a spectator, the Natwest classic summer games give you an added reason to visit some uniquely placed gems. With a plethora of different sports to compete in, the classic summer games offer every citizen who is an athlete of the member islands a chance to shine.

Benefits To Participants

The annual games bring islands – and people, together. Based on the success of these games, it is very clear that summer games strengthen global connections. Competitive sports is a symbol of an active lifestyle and better health choices. It also helps participants and fans learn the essence of fair play and team-work. The Natwest classic summer games offer a tremendous opportunity for island athletes to compete on the international stage.