NatWest Island Games

Do you know of any Island? If you are a sports fan, perhaps you have been asking yourself what are their sporting activities. Also, you could be asking yourself which competitions do they compete in, and where are they held? A guide to the Natwest Island Games will probably answer all these questions for you. Primarily, Island games are the ones referred to as Natwest Island Games because of sponsorship reasons. This multi-sports event is organised by the International Island Games Association ( IIGA).

History Of NatWest Island Games

NatWest Island Games can trace their origin to 1985, then known as the Inter-Islands Games. A guide to the Natwest Island games indicates that the original idea was conceived by the Isle of Man, an Island which used to hold its own annual sports event. Through Geoffrey Corlett, who was the first sports director, Islands such as Faroe, Saint Helena, Greenland and Iceland, were convinced to come together. They formed an umbrella of sporting activities that would bring together all islands globally.

In 1998, the International Islands Games Association signed a deal with NatWest International, which stepped in to offer the much-needed financial support. Initially, the competition attracted a total number of 15 islands with roughly 600 competitors. Owing to the success of the first event, organisers planned the games to be held at intervals of 2 years. To date, this event has exponentially grown, with the most recent having been held in 2017. It attracted a total of 23 islands which were competing in 14 different sports. The next one is scheduled for 2019 in Gibraltar.

NatWest Island Games Sport Categories

With a popular following from the Islands’ populace and sportsmen from the rest of the world, the Natwest games have four main categories. The sports include; Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bowls, Golf, Football, Cycling, Shooting, Volleyball, Triathlon, Swimming, Gymnastics, Judo, Sailing, Squash, Tennis, and Table Tennis. A guide to the Natwest Island Games will update you on the winning statistics of every sport across the years since 1985. Some of the sports that are included in the NatWest Island Games are even available to place bets on – and you find the best odds over at

Regarding various record holders in different sports categories for 2017, here are some of them. In Archery the first place medal was awarded to Roger Sandelin from Gotland Island. For men’s athletics 2017, 400 metres gold medal went to Jamal Walton from the Cayman Islands, who set a record of 46.33 seconds. In Javelin for men, also a new record was set. Alexander Pascal from the same Cayman islands set a record with 73.39 metres.

A guide to the NatWest Island Games

Conclusion On NatWest Island Games

Sports and games are some of the events that have the universal effect of rallying people behind a specific call. Having this in mind, the pioneers of the Inter-island Games formed one of the most celebrated sporting activities worldwide. With more than 10 sports, this event is held every 2 years, with more than 20 islands participating in the competition. Natwest International has faithfully kept its side of the bargain by successfully offering financial sponsorship since 1998.